Cement Industry

Integration of dust and nitrate; High temperature and low dust.

Photovoltaic field

Silicon powder filters, high-temperature dust collectors, etc. in the field of polycrystalline silicon and industrial silicon.

Power generation industry

Biomass power generation, Incineration power generation, coal-fired power generation, etc.

Non ferrous metal smelting industry

Aluminum oxide, copper smelting, lead zinc smelting, titanium smelting, etc.

Metallurgical Industry

Steel industry, submerged arc furnaces, heating furnaces, etc.

Energy and Chemical Industry

Gas solid separation and precious metal dust collection in coal chemical, petrochemical, and new energy and new materials industries.

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Zhoushan Microfiltration New Materials Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise established by the University of Science and Technology of China and Central South University, aiming to lead the development of high temperature flue gas treatment industry with breakthrough new materials and energy-saving new technologies, provide customers with solutions of core materials for soot treatment, and promote the high-quality development of the industry. Our team has rich experience and technical strength in the development and application technology research of porous metal filter materials. The developed...
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Definition of porous and polymeric membranes

Porous and polymeric membranes have a thin layer of semi-permeable material that is used for solute separation as transmembrane pressure is applied across the membrane. The degr...

Advantages of Porous Metal Membranes

Since the 1980s, metal film has been developed as a functional material, which is the most eye-catching and most promising inorganic film. Although ceramic films show significan...

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No.40, Xingang 6th Road, Xingang Park, Zhoushan Hi-tech Industrial Park, Zhejiang Province